Duane Reade


On May the 1st this year, Duane Reade the largest drugstore chain in New York City released an update to it’s iPhone app

The update integrated iBeacon technology into the app with the aim of vastly improving the customer experience whilst in their stores

Initially only available for 10 selected Duane Reade stores in the manhatten area, the app uses beacons and BLE technology to firstly display a lockscreen notification on a customers smartphone when they get close to a store, which is then followed by offers and coupons based on historical data and also display product reviews as they are evaluating the items inside the store.

The 10 stores trialling the iBeacon technology are 51 West 51st Street, 22 West 48th Street, 661 8th Avenue, 4 Columbus Circle, 771 8th Avenue, 1350 Broadway, 1627 Broadway, 100 West 57th Street, 1370 Avenue of the Americas, and 1150 Avenue of the

Version 3.0 of the Duane Reade app was released on Jul7 24th 2014 and is available from the itunes store as a 49.0mb download


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