iBeacons and Coffee, the Ultimate List of iBeacon Apps for Developers Ep1


This began as a fairly simple exercise, here was the plan. I’d make coffee and go through all of the iBeacon Apps on my iPhone, pick out my favourites/most useful and put together a quick review of each of them.

Steaming hot coffee in front of me, I start shuffling apps around.  An hour later and I have twenty three apps many of which I don’t remember downloading and I haven’t even glanced at the iPad yet.  Who knew there were so many?

Clearly, reviewing them all is going to be a slightly bigger task than I’d anticipated but rather than keep you waiting I’ll start with a list. Here’s Episode 1 of iBeacon Apps for Developers:

  • xBeacon
  • AprilBeacon
  • eBeacon
  • BLE Finder
  • Beacons
  • Beacon Scavenger Hunt
  • Beacon Harvester
  • Beacon Toolkit
  • PassShop (not strictly an iBeacon app)
  • Pass Beam for Passbook (not strictly an iBeacon app)
  • BeaconEgg
  • Seekin Beacons
  • iBeacon Emitter
  • kontakt
  • BeaconToolbox
  • Gimbal Beacon Mgr
  • Locate for iBeacon
  • Estimote Virtual Beacon
  • RadBeacon
  • LightBlue
  • BLE(ep) Demo Kit
  • Local Social
  • Beecon
  • BLUETUS for iBeacon
  • Bubble Tag Manager
  • JaaLee
  • OnyxBeacon
  • BlueBeacon Tool

If there’s any we’ve missed, please post them in the comments or drop us a tweet/email.

Ultimate iBeacon Dev Apps 1

Ultimate iBeacon Dev Apps 1

Ultimate iBeacon Dev Apps 2

Ultimate iBeacon Dev Apps 2


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