Netclearance Systems


Netclearance Systems

Netclearance has launched a range of ibeacon proximity systems and proprietary software solutions to offer users unparalleled location, tracking and engagemnt capabilities

The mBeacon range of hardware includes 4 devices,

the mBeacon1 is a BLE transmitter which is ideal for both engagement and presence applications

the mBeacon2 can also be used for BLE engagement and presence applications, but which also transmits a wifi signal alongside the BLE transmissions

the mBeacon3 is a high performance enterprise grade piece of kit. The world’s first PC (proximity Computer) which incorporates a 1Ghz processor, runs an embeded linux kernal and features integrated WiFi and BLE transmitters and also supports PoE (Power over Ethernet) and Cellular (with a modem card)

and the mBeaconGW, the industry’s first BLE to WiFi gateway featuring TCP/IP connectivity
To power the hardware netclearance have developed mCCMS (mCloudContentManagementSystem) a proprietary software that power all solutions in the range.

mMobileApplicationSDK, the develpment kit provided to integrate within the users mobile app to allow interfacing between mBeacons and mCloudContentManagementSystem

mRestapi, a logical software component the provides an interface with the mCloudContentManagementSystem

mAnalyticsPlatform, real-time data and state of the art analytics offering users a vast array of insight




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