Estimate Cloud now Supports OAuth


Estimote OAuthAll around the world, smart developers keep building iBeacon apps that help navigate shopping malls and sport stadiums, provide contextual information in museums, or let you order food to your table straight from your phone. At the same time, many engineers set out to implement entire platforms that make it easy for non-developers to benefit from the contextual computing revolution—be it content-for-real-world management systems, mobile payment services or smart office solutions. With today’s release of OAuth support in Estimote Cloud, these platforms can now make it easy for their users to grant them access to their beacons. Just like Spotify can populate your friend list from Facebook, it’ll now be super simple to automatically download a list of your beacons to your favorite CMS, let it manage their settings for you and tap into the whole power of Estimote Cloud—all through the third-party dashboard.


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