BlueUp Proximity Beacon Platform


BlueUp develops and provides a complete hardware and software proximity-beacon platform based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and compatible with Apple iBeacon technology. Our platform is based on our BLE beacons, that are designed for “real-world” installations: easy management and configuration, user-replaceable battery, simple installation and mounting solutions, operating status monitoring.

Based on our platform, you can create your own solution for micro-location services on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets). For example, in retail sector, the integration of BlueUp proximity-beacon platform allows to transform the simple in-store product purchase into an appealing and exciting shopping experience. Customers can benefit, directly on their mobile device, from a wide choice of location-based in-store services, including: products and offers infos, profile-based discounts and services, multimedia contents, augmented reality, social media content sharing based on location.



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