The Wireless Registry announce global beacon authentication solution


Beacon manufactures and app developers now have a neutral third-party solution to enable authenticated proximal services across all beacon protocols.

WASHINGTON and SAN FRANCISCO, November 20, 2014 — The Wireless Registry Inc., the first global registry for wireless names and identifiers, today announced the launch of its beacon authentication solution. The Wireless Registry aims to help expand Bluetooth low energy beacon usage by enabling the authentication of detected beacon identifiers using its neutral third-party system. This approach allows implementation across many different beacon hardware sources, and can provide a new level of trust between the beacon and the mobile application detecting it—all within the structure of today’s Bluetooth low energy beacon protocols.

Beacon identifiers can currently be cloned such that any number of beacons can advertise the same identity. The Wireless Registry and its partners are aiming the beacon authentication service at rapidly expanding use-cases that involve identity or the exchange of something valuable.

“Our mission is to enable businesses and individuals to take control of their proximal wireless identity,” said Patrick Parodi, co-founder and CEO of The Wireless Registry. “Our beacon authentication solution opens the door to innovative high-value interactions between beacons and mobile users. We look forward to supporting the growth of proximity services around the world.”

The Wireless Registry is currently working with interested partners to pilot the beacon authentication service, exploring potential use-cases, cross-app and cross-platform, that range from healthcare and payment, to retail, customer loyalty, and branding.

An industry standout for its rugged, weatherproof case, Michigan-based GeLo, Inc. will now provide the same level of ruggedness to authentication between beacons and mobile apps. “GeLo has been a leader in developing advanced beacon technology since 2011 and we are excited to remain at the forefront by partnering with The Wireless Registry to deliver industry-leading authenticated beacon identification and connection for our customers,” said Al Juarez, Vice President of Sales & Business Development for GeLo.

InnoQuant, provider of the MOCA Proximity Experience, a big-data proximity marketing platform that uses beacon and geo-location data to bring highly contextualized mobile user experiences, expects exciting new possibilities for beacon technology implementation. “Many customers are still waiting to deploy beacons until security and privacy are guaranteed. Secure beacon identity is a must-have feature,” said Oleg Morajko, co-founder and CTO of InnoQuant.

Not only does The Wireless Registry’s neutral third-party approach allow a mobile application to trust a beacon that is broadcasting an authenticated identifier, but the methodology also applies to smartphones and smartwatches as these themselves become proximal beacons. Mobile applications on devices can now identify other applications on other devices and authenticate the detected identities, across any of the several user-configurable BLE beacon protocols in the market today.

“We’re taking the next step in enabling developers to explore, and consumers to experience, a broader set of innovative use-cases taking advantage of proximal signal detection and the Internet of Things in general,” said Stillman Bradish, co-founder and COO of The Wireless Registry.

About The Wireless Registry Inc.

The Wireless Registry Inc. is the first global registry for wireless names and identifiers, enabling new proximal services and giving individuals and businesses the power to engage with their surroundings in ways never before possible. The Wireless Registry has built new patented infrastructure and a free and open proximal API capable of associating links and meaning to detectable wireless names and identifiers—allowing individuals and businesses to take control of their wireless identity. For more information, please visit or follow The Wireless Registry on Twitter (@WirelessRgstry) or Facebook (WirelessRegistry).

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